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Upon purchase of our MRCS Part B examination revision course and CST examination revision course you get access to the respective MRCS and CST modules below. As well as station guides the MRCS Part B course includes 127 mock scenarios complete with model answers. The CST interview course includes 39 scenarios based on previous interview questions.. We believe success in post graduate clinical examinations requires collaboration with colleagues. At we allow users to contact each other via the platform to arrange virtual practice sessions.

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Anatomy Stations MRCS Part B

Illustrations and anatomical diagrams covering important exam components.

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Pathology Stations MRCS Part B

High yield pathology stations, which include histology sections.

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Procedural Skills Stations MRCS Part B

Detailed guides on how to perform the procedural skills stations of the MRCS Part B.

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Communication Stations MRCS Part B

Realistic history taking and giving and receiving information stations, complete with model answers.

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Physiology Stations MRCS Part B

Mock stations covering the applied surgical science and critical care components of the MRCS Part B exam.


CST Interview (Portfolio)

Using our free modules, learn how to publish your first paper, maximise your study budget and supercharge your surgical