How to log your first procedure

After you log in to elogbook you will encounter this page. On the left hand side of the page is a column. Within this select “add operations”.

The information required and that you will need to collect for cases that you are involved in is the following:

  • Patient Id
  • Age or Date of birth of patient
  • Date of procedure
  • CEPOD status (elective, scheduled, urgent, emergency)
  • ASA grade of the patient
  • Consultant responsible
  • Supervision level
  • The operation performed
  • The hospital in which it is performed

You should not split operations that are performed on the same body part/in the same patient e.g. total knee replacement and then closure of the wound as two separate operations. However, you can log multiple operations on the same patient provided they are on different parts of the patient e.g. closure of a laceration on the arm in a patient who is also having an ankle open reduction internal fixation.

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