How to set up an eLogbook

In order to maximise points in the commitment to specialty section of the portfolio you are required to have been involved in 40 or more cases (8 points for operative experience). However, points are awarded for varying degrees of operative experience:

  • Involvement in 40 or more cases (8 points)
  • Involvement in 30—39 cases (6 points)
  • Involvement in 20—29 cases (4 points)
  • Involvement in 11—19 cases (2 points)
  • Involvement in less than 10 cases/no evidence (0 points)


Evidence of involvement in cases must be provided in the eLogbook format. The eLogbook ( has been developed to support all surgeons of all grades and specialties in the United Kingdom and Ireland. The elogbook allows trainees to record procedures they are involved with and subsequently allows for the download of consolidation sheets, which can be verified by a consultant and used as evidence.


In order to create your surgical logbook visit and click “create an account”. You will need your GMC number, when signing up as a doctor, but you can sign up for an elogbook as a medical student. On their website homepage they have a video guide on how to register.

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