Validating your operative numbers

To produce a consolidation report you first filter out operations that you have simply Observed. In order to do this you should select the “Browse Filters” option then name the filter and select the supervision codes that you wish to include:

  • Assisting
  • supervised-trainer scrubbed
  • supervised-trainer unscrubbed but in theatre
  • Performed
  • Training a trainee.

Then to download your consolidation report you should select “Reports” and filter by all specialties. In the filter option your filter that you have named in the previous section should be available. 

Once you download the consolidation report your consultant should sign the first page to verify your operative numbers. They must include their full name, GMC number and the date they signed it. They can sign on behalf of all specialties if they find the evidence acceptable. You can only upload one consolidation report.

This report can now be uploaded and considered for scoring.

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